"Yoga is not so much something that you learn as it is something that you live. I know this now because of an incredibly gifted yoga instructor. To say that Sherry  teaches yoga is to fall far short of describing her talents. Sherry exudes yoga. During an extended episode of debilitating anxiety, I was fortunate enough to discover the calming effects of Sherry’s techniques, which surpassed anything that my medicine cabinet could offer. Sherry’s approach is to have her students join her in her enthusiasm for unlocking the body’s own healing powers, and to extend this experience off of the mat. With mindful certainty and a calming voice she is able to make this ancient practice meaningful and accessible. You owe it to yourself not to miss this experience."

-Mike Verano, M.Ed., LPC, LMFT
Psychotherapist, Author of The Healing Power of Stress

"Sherry Yost brings a Kripalu Yoga background and an open heart to every class she leads. I find her to be compassionate in her choices of postures and creates a class environment where everyone has their individual needs met. She teaches pranayama ,warm-ups, and posture flows with skill and body awareness . Her meditative style and her soothing voice are an added plus to Sherry’s classes. Do yourself and your friends a favor and attend one of her programs, private lessons or walk-in classes.

--Ed Harrold, Director of Yoga and Owner of Comfort Zone Center for Whole Self Healing, a Kripalu affiliated studio, Lewes De.
--Director for Sports Training & Yoga for The Institute For Extraordinary Living at Kripalu Center and originator of the Flexibility For Athletes® program

"Sherry not only teaches Yoga, she LIVES it."
--Kim Klabe, Artist, Certified Yoga Instructor and former Fitness Director YMCA.

"Thank you so much for doing the yoga session at our MS Society meeting.   You did such a great job presenting yoga to people that need it so badly.  I have been promoting this for years now, but you have that special touch that I felt they all were very interested"--Louise McGinniss

"Thank you so much for another great yoga year, this time at the high school.  I can’t believe the year is up already!  You’re an amazing yoga instructor both for me and the students of the Consortium, and we’re so lucky to be learning yoga from you.  You really make it special - uplifting, positive, happy and calm." --Susan Patel, parent; regarding Integrated Yoga Club at Cape Henlopen HS, Lewes DE