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Yoga month stretches through September

By Chris McGregor

Published: Monday, August 31, 2009

Updated: Monday, August 31, 2009

Kathy Neely knows how to combat flu season.

Neely, owner of One O One Yoga Center, said practicing yoga helps boost the body’s immune system and fight off flu-like symptoms.

September is Yoga month and the One O One Yoga Center, as well as the Recreation Center, is scheduled to host a variety of different yoga classes

One O One Yoga is scheduled to offer free class every Sunday in September from 4 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. The Recreation Center is scheduled to begin its fall yoga classes on Sept. 8.

 “Yoga month invites all styles of yoga to participate in an awareness campaign designed to draw attention to the many benefits of yoga and inspire our fellow citizens to live healthier, happier lives,” according to, a Web site designed to promote and spread yoga.

Neely said Yoga month is a great way for different instructors to get together and teach each other as well as communities.

“Yoga month is a month where studios get together and offer special things to the community.” Neely said. “I want to offer the newly trained teachers an opportunity to teach in front of community.”

She said the amount of yoga instructors has roughly doubled in the past five years.
She said yoga is a great form of exercise because it is designed to stretch and work every muscle in the body. Yoga is different from other forms of physical activities because of its balance, she said.

“Unlike a lot of other forms of exercise, yoga addresses balance and flexibility throughout the body,” she said. “Other forms may do some of those things, but do not address the entire body like yoga does.”

Yoga has helped Shawna Pope, a resident of Carbondale, overcome injuries she sustained in a car accident.

“I was in a car accident as a teenager and have rods in my back and always had decreased flexibility,” she said.

She said once she started doing yoga she gained back her flexibility and it has helped her reach her full potential in day-to-day activities.

She said she loves yoga because it has great physical and mental benefits.
She participates in power yoga and vinyasa yoga, which have different benefits, she said.
“Power yoga encourages the muscles to relax and be as flexible as possible by warming the muscles up,” she said.

She said many people don’t understand the power of yoga’s mental and emotional benefits.

“It is good for the body, mind and spirit because it addresses the body in such a holistic fashion,” she said.

Yoga teaches people over time to control their attention and be able to control responses in their body, she said.

 She said she would recommend yoga to anyone who is looking to relieve stress and start a healthier lifestyle.

“Yoga is good for combating a lot of stress related health problems,” she said. “It is starting to be used as a treatment for managing stress.”

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Donna Karan’s Yoga Gift

Fashion genius and yoga devotee, Donna Karan, has just donated $850,000 to Beth Israel Medical Center in New York to test how yoga can help individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

In 2001, Karan lost her own husband and business partner to lung cancer. From his death, she created the Urban Zen Foundation, a patient-advocacy organization that inspires change and raises awareness of integrative healing.

Yoga has long been close to Karan’s heart, even as she clocked 100-hour work-weeks creating her own signature DKNY line of clothing. She has been a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga yoga for many years. As she sat bedside next to her ailing husband, she noticed as comprehensive as his care was, he was not treated or looked at holistically. Instead, he became an amalgam of laboratory tests, medications and advanced equipment. Not to say his care was anything less than excellent, but this absence of treating the whole person, stayed with her and prompted the seeds for this very generous gift to one of New York’s premiere hospitals.

This yearlong experiment will combine both Western and Eastern healing methods. Yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and feng shui decor will reside next to radiation equipment and chemotherapy IVs. Renowned yoga teachers, Rodney Yee and wife Colleen Saidman Yee, will oversee the yoga instruction as 15 yoga teachers will work with non-terminal patients. In addition, nurses will be trained in relaxation techniques.

While many hospitals, hospices and health centers around the country have developed their own yoga programs in order to help patients improve the management of their care, no medical center has financed and integrated such a large-scale program that will also be researched and potentially used as a model elsewhere as Karan’s Beth Israel Medical Center experiment will in January.

Even though Eastern healing practices have long been criticized for not being able to be researched under Western scientific methods, there is the hope that Western medicine will start to develop and consider a new medical model that regards the powerful effect that healing modalities like yoga and meditation can have in the treatment of illness.



Yoga For Beginners - Stay Fit And Healthy

2009-08-31 23:13:45 - Some yoga techniques to help you concentrate on any problems you may have.

If you are interested in yoga, there are some yoga techniques you need to understand and apply. No one can run away and be free from major illnesses so the best way to get away with it is to exercise in order to maintain good health.

Yoga is considered to be the most effective way to stay fit and healthy. The best thing about it is you cando it at home or anywhere you want.

Fitness is important in doing yoga. Yoga techniques are helpful in maintaining good organs and other parts of the body such as the muscles, joints, glands, tissues and vital organs

. These are the main focus of setting yoga techniques.

Here are some yoga techniques that you can practice during your yoga session. Despite your busy schedule or the crowed place you stay at, keeping up with these yoga techniques will help you go through it.

The five yoga techniques include: posture, relaxation, meditation, deep breathing and movement of joints. Each technique has its own role and function.

The movement of joints is called the ’sandhichalana’. This is one of the yoga techniques that focus on the joints. The joints undergo full movements which include the movement of the hands, movement of the neck and the movement of the lower limb.

In relaxation, there are some yoga techniques that will deepen your concentration and prevent your attention to be drawn easily. Rather, now withdraw at all.

The Hong-Sau is a Yoga technique that helps and focuses on the latent powers of your concentration. This technique helps you to release thought and fight all distractions s that you can concentrate on the problem you are targeting. This helps you to develop Divine Consciousness which is from within.

The Aum Technique expands your awareness which is beyond the limitations that your body and mind creates. This helps you maintain a powerful meditation and gives you to personal experiences of what Divine consciousness brings.

There are some ancient yoga techniques that you can apply. Although there are a lot of yoga techniques to choose from, applying these techniques might not be easy for you especially if you are a beginner.

In getting concentration during the yoga session, you can boost your awareness by thinking clearly of some creative ways on how you can be attentive in all situations. You should be able to figure out what makes you feel tense and how to release it.

After the heavy day of work, you should find new ways on how to stay peaceful and calm. Concentration is your best tool and guide.

The main objective of these yoga techniques is how to create your awareness for a satisfying relaxation. You should be able to find out how to effectively release the tension inside your body and where to release it. In order to do so, your mind, body and spirit should be at a high level.

The best way still is to have your own yoga techniques that will help you go through the process successfully.

Tony Braithwaite