Calendar / Teaching Schedule



Monday            * Private Yoga Therapy sessions by appointment
                          (call or email to schedule)

 Tuesday            10:30AM Chair Yoga                        YMCA, Rehoboth
11:40am Brain Longevity class          YMCA, Rehoboth
3:15-4:00PM Autism Yoga Class        Cape Henlopen, Lewes
                                                                                    (9TH GR. Campus)

Wednesday         10:30-11:45 AM Kripalu Mixed Lvl @ Kaya Rehoboth, DE
1:15-pm Kids Yoga at Kids Cottage        Rehoboth, DE
Thursday           10:15AM Restorative Yoga                 YMCA, Rehoboth DE
                          11:30AM Chair Yoga                          YMCA, Rehoboth DE
                           4:15-5:00PM Kids Yoga (ages 8-12)  YMCA, Rehoboth DE
                           6:00PM-7PM Kripalu Mixed Lvl @ Kaya Rehoboth, DE
                           (Fall Winter & Spring sessions)

 Friday               9:45am Preschool Kids Yoga              YMCA, Rehoboth DE
                          10:30am  Yoga Level 2                       YMCA, Rehoboth DE

  Available for private yoga therapy sessions by Appointment

To schedule, call or email: 302-226-2050 or



Yoga Therapy offered at YMCA of Rehoboth (members only) and Kaya Wellness in Rehoboth (  Contact Sherry directly to schedule at the YMCA.  Contact Kaya Wellness to schedule at their location.

Sherry has returned from her month-long intensive training at Kripalu in the field of Professional Integrative Yoga Therapy.  Yoga therapy is for anyone seeking tools for self-healing, personal growth and development.  Yoga therapy approaches healing from a yoga perspective from many areas including the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual layers unique to each individual.  Yoga therapy empowers the individual to become more responsible for their own health and well being.